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Digital Disruption

Digital disruption had pushed the old method of teaching to become more invented so that students could be able to cope with new learning environment.

Eight Principles of Effective Instruction

1. Make A Recall Regarding Previous Session

Beginning a new topic or new session by making a recall of previous session could ensure the lasting of previous information in students memory. Moreover, through making a review regarding past topic would make students be ready for the next topic besides helping them to find the relation of past topic with the new topic.

2. Increase Coverage of Content

Teachers must prepare a content that have wide coverage in which it should help the understandable of the students. In addition, teachers should ensure that each of their students could be able to understand the delivered content and must be aware of students needs that differ by each person.

3. Provide Scaffold

Teachers should provide scaffolding by monitoring students activity to determine their ability in coping with the lesson. Some subject required more scaffold or attention from teacher especially those subject that related with scientific and mathematical equations.

4. Active Learning

Active learning was consist of two-ways interaction or communication between teacher-to-students and students-with-students. Furthermore, every students should involved in the prepared activity such as grouping activity, debating and discussion. A well-rounded person could be build through active learning by which students could practice their communication skills in real-life.

5. Engagement of Technology and Media

The implementation of technology and media in education process had become a requirement for 21st century learner in which it could help in vary the approach and method of teaching and learning. Students ability in managing this latest medium could be sharpen so that they would be able to apply the skills in real-life.

6. Clear Instruction and Explanation

Instruction given by teacher must be precised so that the information could be absorb effectively in which this could determining students understanding towards the lesson. Other than that, instruction also should be given accordingly through step-by-step instruction. It could ensure that the student was able to cope with the instruction.

7. Systematic Feedback for Correction

At every stage of delivering information, teacher must ask several questions to monitor the level of understanding of the students. Correction could be done at each stage so that any mistake could be avoid for the next stage of teaching.

8. Make a Reflection

Responses or reflections at the end of session would help the teachers in determining the ability and understanding of their students. Later on the teacher could make improvement in terms of approach and methods of teaching for betterment.